iQra Labs

Web Architect working on business applications with over 5 years experience.

About me / life karma

I am a Web Architect with extensive knowledge of web development skills from concept to completion.

Self taught web development in a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in client/server and database design using open-source technologies.

Offers a complete web solution that meets client's requirement in terms of cost, time and effort. I can guide you with the project planning and research, help you with user experience and design, and finally build the website for you.

What can I do for You

  • Technologies - Works on framework that empower to build faster apps that perform consistently across all devices as well as being on-par with the speed & capability of native apps.
  • Responsive Architecture - One responsive design that fits all types of phones/devices that are compatible with Touch screen, Retina ready, Motion sensor etc.
  • Innovative - Provides application architecture that promotes reuse and better apps over time.
  • Creative - Turns creative idea into a product that are aesthetically pleasing with the best and most cost effective technology.

Fun projects with awesome people. Some kind words from clients.

Dave Hennessy Gain Impact - Philippines

Amazing... high quality communication and great interpretor of needs.

Rogério Machado Endbox - Portugal

Good communication. Project done as agreed. Everything okay.

Major Mir Ali (Retd) Alees Impex - United States

Very reliable, intelligent & hardworking technician. Delivered on budget & in time.

Undercoverbs Client @

Handled the project fast and as promised. Recommended..

Sahara Client @

Very competent, fast and accurate. His code is well documented and logical. Very professional and courteous.

Motti Kleinmann ExoBee Ltd - Israel

Did a great job, on time and very professionally. Took care of my all small extra requests & well addressed all of the QA issues.

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