Returning back from the daily boredoms

Ilyas Kazi It’s been long time doing same routine work. Home to Office. Code for company. Office to Home. Travelling on bike with laptop at my back was another tiresome. Every day remains the same. Even on weekend there wasn’t much time to rest or spend quality time with family due to backlog that needed me to work from home.

This continuous same routine has made me lazy putting me into limited thinking in the box. Being creative in my works I always wanted to do it differently. So now taking a very bold step saying goodbye to my daily boredoms. Now onwards I would like to remain more in my control of doing works on my time. Invest time in blogging about my passion into programming world and stuffs I do like. Will spend more time with family and planned outings. Meet-n-greet friends and relatives with whom I have been away since longtime.

Hope everything goes well in this fast modern world.