5 Free Online Technology courses from The Open University

5 Free Basic Technology courses from The Open University

These courses will help you understand digital technologies of the modern world in every aspect.  Whether you are beginning or wants to fill the gap.. it covers all the startup information in computers, data and information.  After completing you will earn Statement of Participation absolutely free as evidence of your learning.

    1. Introducing computing and IT
      • guides you about computing and Information Technology (IT) in a digital world.
      • makes you understand the importance of doing online secure transaction and preventing from frauds.
      • explains how to use of online search engine to search it right, the information you are looking for.
      • describes how and where the data is stored, deleted and transferred digitally to anyone.
    2. An introduction to data and information
      • provides a simple explanation giving importance of computers to people in terms of data and information.
      • explains what a computer program does with the data and why it is necessary.
      • guides you how to use data and search for it.
    3. Data and processes in computing
      • explains different forms of data that are stored and processed in many ways.
      • demonstrates the various process that can be applied to the data.
      • illustrates how the simple sets of data can be manipulated.
    4. Computers and computer systems
      • introduces the different parts of computer system and their uses.
      • explains the differences between an operating system and an application program.
      • discusses how computers process data and instructions.
    5. Using a computer for study
      • makes you understand how computers are useful for studying online or offline.
      • guides you what can be done on the web.
      • explains how to backup your files thus saving you from any disaster.

The courses are updated periodically and well informed in the course note section.

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